Wunderkind  - The Beginning

In 2015 I made a wallet for the first time. I wanted something minimal that was everything I needed when I left the house (license, card, keys). It was made from a tangerine crate and watercolor paper. The result was successful but not perfect.


The success of the first led to lots of trial and error to make the perfect wallet. 

The first was basswood and mahogany. 

The second was 3D printed plastic. 

The third was concrete. 

Lots of these broke.


This is the culmination of everything I’ve learned. 3D printed band gives impact resistance as well as a little tensile strength. The concrete is sanded up to 600 grit sandpaper and oiled so there is no damage to the cards. The key shapes are also 3D printed and can easily be modeled to fit many different shapes. The weight is perfect - as a back pocket kind of guy it gives an amazing ying/yang with my phone.


I’m about to dive into my thought process to a whole different level. Ok - in making wallets it became apparent after the third week that this was a thing that needed an identity. In looking for an identity, I turned to one of my favorite books, The Culture Code by Clotaire Rapaille. In this book, various topics in  

different cultures are broken down into “codes” - let me give you an example: In the American Culture, the word for “Alcohol” is gun. Think about it, we take shots, drink Colt 45, and in general it is thought of as something reserved for adults that should be treated with caution. Conversely, in the French culture, the word is Art. Wine is given to children to enjoy, and the purpose of drinking (in general) is to appreciate the flavor and revel in the creation. There wasn’t a section on wallets, but I think that the word for “Wallet” is child. It only takes money from you, if you lose it, you freak the hell out, they’re fairly common, and in a room full of children and a room full of wallets, to the casual observer, the ones that stick out are theirs and the wunderkind.

This was a sketch  for a logo I made. It’s a “W” in the shape of the wallet.