Of the things I’m good at, architects would like to know about these


These are the computer skills that I bring to the table. The majority of them are self taught. Pictured below are some drafting and rendering. You’ll read more about my drafting career in the Neosys section.


I have done a lot of drafting, both construction documents, as well as drawing management. The thing is, all the drawing management was confidential and I don’t have any. In any case, this is some drafting work that I did during my time with Mark Spangler

There are those in life that are preoccupied with being perfect. Mark is perfect without being preoccupied with it. I want to emulate him in my professional life - without caring too much (or too little) about anything. Apart from being perfect, he also held my job for the months I was out recovering. 

“Recovery”   ———>

In any case, the work I did for Mark was basic drafting. I learned a lot about how to put together a complete construction document package here. Below are some drawings and a complete download 


‍The ‍entirety ‍of ‍my ‍rendering ‍skills ‍are ‍self ‍taught. ‍When ‍I ‍was ‍in ‍school, ‍I ‍got ‍a ‍bit ‍carried ‍away ‍and ‍would ‍do ‍them ‍for ‍fun ‍(and ‍assignments). ‍Since ‍then ‍I ‍have ‍put ‍these ‍skills ‍to ‍good ‍use ‍and ‍done ‍paid ‍projects. ‍Here ‍are ‍some ‍examples ‍of ‍my ‍renderings: