Side projects complete me

Variety is the spice of life - I’m spicy

These are projects that I did on the side during times that I needed a cure to boredom. Also, keeping things fresh is such a better way to live life.


This was a custom mold I made for a chocolate artisan in Richmond, VA. It was a 1lb bar for hotels to sell to tourists. The concept behind this was to juxtapose the RVA logo with the skyline that resulted in a bar that was truly iconic.

Of note: 

I used to work at For the Love of Chocolate  a purveyor in Richmond. You can assume I “dropped accidentally” a lot of chocolate into my mouth - so I know what the good stuff tastes like. The chocolate here is in the top 3 I’ve ever tasted. In any case, it is a privilege to be able to work with such talent!

Richmond Cycling Corps - Thank You Letter

This was a thank you letter I designed for the donors of Richmond Cycling Corps. 

A brief background: The Richmond Cycling Corps takes youth from rougher areas and helps break patterns that keep them there. Read more about them 

Concept for this letter: It’s not about bikes - those are just a means to an end - it’s about Richmond, specifically the Richmond that people don’t get to. The red circles are emanating from the neighborhood of Richmond were RCC is located. This is printed on an 11x17 sheet. It gets folded into an envelope as shown below.

Richmond Bicycle Studio - Promotion

Richmond Bicycle Studio was a bike shop that existed to fund RCC (above). I designed a postcard for them to offer discounts to donors.