Project Mangement

During my time with Neosys, I managed the team that was responsible for the Standardization Project as well as interacted with all the engineers at each plant. This was the project:

The USPS has 250ish processing plants across the country. These are giant facilities where the mail is sorted. Each one of these has corresponding AutoCAD drawings. These drawings are broken up into different themes, for example there’s an architecture drawing that gets referenced into the workroom floor drawing. The reason for this is because having all the necessary information in one drawing is too much and it’s best to reference other drawings so that if something changes in one, there’s no need to update all the drawings. In any case, I was in charge of the project to standardize all these drawings as well as to create several themes of drawings such as a space management drawing, emergency evacuation routes, and signage. 

This project also required having a kickoff meeting every Monday with a new site. They would give over their current drawing set to be cleaned up and appended.