This is what keeps me up at night

What I’ve Been Thinking About

This is a collection of recurring concepts that have plagued my mind. I render and sketch them.

Rolly Desk

This is one of many types of desks in an office where the desks form a landscape as opposed to a beehive. The idea is that in a wireless world, different desks can be chosen throughout the day. Some others are the rocking desk and the cocoon desk.

The Present Bag

I first made a backpack in college. This was not successful apart from proving the concept that having wood slats as a back piece is incredibly comfortable.

The next step is to realize this backpack properly. The concept is this: every time you open your backpack, it should be like opening a present. The exterior is leather and the interior is striped canvas. The two sides of the canvas fold in like a present and a toggle goes through the front and back. The reason for this closure system is for its durability (as opposed to zippers or velcro). Also, this was designed to not clash fashion wise regardless of what you’re wearing. Cheap backpacks + suits are not a good look.