In 2017 I made a resume (out of rockite) for an architecture firm. So many resumes are made with the intention of being thrown away. This was not. I was fed up with people looking at resumes and putting them straight in the circular file or worse yet, not even opening the email. This was made to be put on a desk and not move. In this it was successful (I should know - I walked by their window every day - it didn’t move). 


Resume's get thrown away


Make it out of concrete


Backpacks are functional however they are ugly as sin. Also, zippers and velcro are unreliable over time.


I've been sketching / making backpacks for a while. 

I first made a backpack in college. This was not successful apart from proving the concept that having wood slats as a back piece is incredibly comfortable. 

This led to doing some thinking about what conceptually I wanted a backpack to be. The idea of a bag being a present really stood out to me and I did some sketches around what that would look like. 

The next step in this process began over quarantine. Although it isn't finished yet, progress is being made. 


When it comes to bike things, pick two: Light. Durable. Cheap.


I've been making my own bike things for a while that are all three (because I’m making them myself)

So… I have a fast(ish) bike. I also have friends who live more than a round trip bike ride away. 

The goal with this (aptly named) Bootycall Box was to be able to pack an overnight kit and be able to carry it on a road bike.

The intended trip never happened, but this proved useful for about town trips.

The coroplast sides, married to the 3D printed structural pieces resulted in a really lightweight and sturdy design.

Holding the flat shut was my light clip. 


In college - there were 3 of us in a 2 bedroom apartment. I had the living room


There was no way in hell I’d sacrifice the functionality of my room, so I made a Murphy bed that could be put away when I wasn’t sleeping in it. And - because the room needed to be functional - the legs were benches for the kitchen table when it was put up. 

This was the bed folded up

and down

There were two benches and therefore an extra position for my extracurriculars.

This was the other side 

This was the bed folded up

and down


The people think that the beehive segmentation of modern offices is conducive to productivity. Yeah? Y’all suits think that’s a good idea?


Let’s move away from this draconian way of thinking and realize that humans are not mean to be stagnant. We are meant to move - to explore the studio space as Bruce Dickinson would say. 

Above are two sketches

Below are two renderings


Again - in an instance of ‘there is no way in hell I’m paying that much for this bullshit I wanted a wallet that was both minimal and functional. 


Let’s be honest - I got a bit carried away.

The first iterations were variants of wood and paper:

These worked just ok 

But I don’t fuck with “just ok”

After these, I got into the realm of 


But… a lot of these broke:

So I played around with  3D printed plastic

But it wasn’t heavy enough, so in the end, the two came together. 

I’m about to dive into my thought process to a whole different level. Ok - in making wallets it became apparent after the third week that this was a thing that needed an identity. In looking for an identity, I turned to one of my favorite books, The Culture Code by Clotaire Rapaille. In this book, various topics in  

different cultures are broken down into “codes” - let me give you an example: In the American Culture, the word for “Alcohol” is gun. Think about it, we take shots, drink Colt 45, and in general it is thought of as something reserved for adults that should be treated with caution. Conversely, in the French culture, the word is Art. Wine is given to children to enjoy, and the purpose of drinking (in general) is to appreciate the flavor and revel in the creation. There wasn’t a section on wallets, but I think that the word for “Wallet” is child. It only takes money from you, if you lose it, you freak the hell out, they’re fairly common, and in a room full of children and a room full of wallets, to the casual observer, the ones that stick out are theirs and the wunderkind.

This is a logo I made - in the shape of a wallet and a “W”

Here’s potential branding (numbering each one with a laser).


A mobile dispensary needed some branding that was not only memorable, but functional. 


Hittem with the irreverent and absurd. 

These were fridge placards (included in orders) to serve as a subtle reminder where the good good came from. 

The backs had all the information to reorder:

In addition to materials for current customers, there were also promotional cards with password protected menus (via QR code).

This was an example of a double sided card

And this is an example of a single sided card that could accompany a pre-roll sample

In addition to these I also made some promotional materials. 


There is no problem. I like to render things. Mainly things that I’ve been thinking about. It’s how I decompress. The only reason I’ve added these is because I thin they’re pretty and you might like to see them.  

The renderings above here were for fun, just to illustrate an idea. 

This sketch below was for work. 

During quarantine life, I got really into rendering UFO’s. 


Why should I do repetitive tasks?


Don’t. Just don’t. We live in a world where we’re above these things.   

Some history:

Twice a year roughly, I’ll go on a bender to furiously plug holes in my knowledge.

This involves lots of coffee, some whiskey, a baller playlist, and complete shut off from the world for like 5 days.

One of the most recent was AppleScript.

I’ve been told that this is a waste of time and has no real world applications.

Two weeks of pay for +/- 90 minutes of actual work says the opposite.

Here are some codes I’ve written: