How do you present yourself in a memorable way? This is how I’ve done it

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Resumes and Cards - Planned Obsolescence?

When you give your information to someone, it should translate into a memory. This is how you’re not forgotten.

A deliberate resume

In 2017 I made a resume (out of rockite) for an architecture firm. So many resumes are made with the intention of being thrown away. This was not. I was fed up with people looking at resumes and putting them straight in the circular file or worse yet, not even opening the email. This was made to be put on a desk and not move. In this it was successful (I should know - I walked by their window every day - it didn’t move).

Pieces of 3.5x2 inch paper aren’t a memory. These are:

1 - Stamp

The beauty of this is that it can be put anywhere - you know, on things that aren’t trash (like dress shirts!)

2 - QR code

For iPhones, this takes 4 seconds to transfer everything. 

Try it - point your camera here.

3 - Glider

This is totally not serious, but, you can long range bomb them as the moment presents itself (literally) into open doors.

This was completely unsolicited.