The beginning of my career was devoted to designing and maintaining physical spaces. What do I mean by this?

Plain English - 

I majored in Interior Design. 

This led to working for two architects and an engineering firm of sorts. 

Resulting in working for the architects, what has been added to my skillset is the ability to draft construction documents with precision and efficiency. This is what that looks like:

Example drawing set-

Download More Drawings Here

These drawings are the ones I have. The rest are confidential. Read what I did in my capacity at Neosys Corp. here:

Neosys Corp

The entirety of my rendering skills are self taught. When I was in school, I got a bit carried away and would do them for fun (and assignments). Since then I have put these skills to good use and done paid projects. Here are some examples of my renderings:

Anyways, let’s talk!