Andreas Conrad is a creative specializing in design, currently residing in Los Angeles, California. 

He is passionate about sustainability, social justice, a vegan lifestyle, and cycling.

While he isn't reading Vonnegut, you can find him hiking to the local farmers market to source organic produce. 

To inquire about availability or design consulting, please click here: 

Pt 1 is what you were expecting, no?

That 3rd person malarky you find on so many other sites. 

Some sugar coated half truths and the occasional boldfaced lie (I'm not vegan... nor have I ever read Vonnegut).


Y'all like authenticity? 

And music?

Let's get real...


There are one of two ways we can do this:

    Want to continue this conversation?

    WHAT are you doing?

    Any cool projects these days?

    WHO are you?

    What defines you? Or like, who do you want to be?

    HOW are you doing?

    And don't fucking say "good"

All the while listening to bangers like these:

Well damn - I've been doing all the talking. Your turn!



the fun part

Let me introduce myself properly, yeah?

I don't think I've been bored in like a decade or so...

And that's for sure the way it's staying. 

My greatest fear? 

Being stagnant and dull. 

One of the ways I avoid that is by going fast. On Darla

Sometimes TOO fast, yeah? (Sorry mom)