There's more to see both on my site an in person. 

Here are my marketable skills:

     -Project Management

I managed the team that was responsible for standardizing the plant drawings for all 250 USPS processing plants. This involved logistics, communication, delegation and project tracking.

  -Drawing Cleanup

As a member of the standardization project (above) I was also responsible for helping maintain the plant drawings. Among other things, this required standardizing AutoCAD blocks, layers, and drawing themes for each plant. 

    -Assistant Instructor

About 9 weeks per year part of my work was to help teach postal engineers how to do do everything I mentioned earlier. My role was to help the students who got lost during the exercises in class as well as host tutoring sessions after class.



I have been responsible for drafting and construction documents in both Revit and AutoCAD. The following is a drawing set for a residential project I did while working for the architect Mark Spangler. 


These renderings have been made with a combination of 3D Studio MAX, sketchup, and photoshop for both professional and personal projects. 

Tube House on the planes

A room to listen to music in - Turntable

A room to listen to music in - Sofa


Ceramic Headphones

Lake House

Cow Abduction

Branding / CRO

The following examples are conversion rate optimization projects. The goal of this is to convert existing site visitors into customers.

1. Wynd Landing Page - Before

2. Wynd Landing Page - After

2. Whole Forest Cutting Boards - Before

2. Whole Forest Cutting Boards - After

3. Whole Forest Product Page - Before

3. Whole Forest Product Page - After




12.18 - Present


Freelance - NYC / Richmond, VA / LA

-Developed a graphic style and imagery for a Los Angeles skincare startup

-Redesigned the website for Neosys Corp to increase new business

-Created permit stets, renderings, design concepts, and client presentations for Peter Fraser Architecture

-Developed an online menu integrated into business cards as well as promotional materials for a Brooklyn co-op to increase business as well as retain current clients

-Contracted to Lantera Labs for conversion rate optimization (CRO) projects These were client websites as well as the company site 

-Contracted to Maison M for construction documents and rendering


3.17 - 12.18

CRO Specialist 

Frictionless Commerce - Richmond, VA

-Redesigned and conceptualized websites to cultivate lower bounce rates

-Rendered infographics to better describe products

-Conducted heuristic reviews of existing websites to catch unknown problems


3.15 - 11.16

CAD Drafter / Instructor 

Neosys Corporation - Washington DC

-Used AutoCAD for facility drawing management

-Managed the standardization project for 250 USPS sorting facility drawings, This included drawing cleanup, assigning work, meeting with the sites, and logistics

-Assistant trainer for USPS engineers learning AutoCAD

-Offered remote tech support to clients across the country

-Organized and executed new branding and digital media to modernize the company image


4.14 - 3.15

BIM Drafter 

Mark Spangler Architect - Richmond, VA

-Created residential construction documents using ArchiCAD

-Reviewed drawings for accuracy and implemented design changes


4.13 - 9.13

Architectural Designer / CAD Drafter 

Peter Fraser Architecture ( Richmond, VA

-Concept development for new construction and renovations

-Created and revised construction documents to pass permitting and reflect site conditions

-Assisted with client meetings and presentations



8.09 - 4.13

Virginia Commonwealth University

BFA - Interior Design