-Drawing Cleanup

Much of the work mentioned above was delegated but there remained for me.

The cleanup process took care of the standardization for the following:

Layers names / colors / linetypes as well as correct blocks from the official library.

If the drawing was in a single drawing format, the initial split was into the two themes of architecture and workroom floor. 

After the basic cleanup was done several other drawings were added such as Signage, Emergency Evacuation, Space Management, and occasionally Transport Work and Tray Transport systems. 

     -Assistant Instructor

About 9 weeks per year part of my work was to help teach postal engineers how to do do everything I mentioned earlier.

 My role was to help the students who got lost during the exercises in class as well as host tutoring sessions after class.

Since the world has gone to shit these days the classes have gone online. I was asked recently to help again in my former capacity of assisting, only this time I wrote a script to automatically give and track feedback for the upcoming classes. 

     -Project Management

I managed the team that was responsible for the Standardization Project. The process was fairly straightforward.

The first step was the logistics of scheduling meeting with the Engineering team at each of the +/- 250 USPS Mail Sorting plants to secure the drawings for the week.

        After the drawings were in our control, I was responsible for delegating and tracking the work internally.

At the end of the cleanup process, I facilitated the handback meeting to return the drawings to the site.